Rafting Operation is solely dependent on release of water from nearby Dam by Govt. authorities. Water is typically released at 08:15 hrs.

There could be a delay in release of water from the Dam.

On rare occasions water is not released from the Dam. We refund only the amount that we have collected for Rafting (and not for transport, food, stay or other adventure activities). We would sincerely request you to go through our Disclaimer.



  • Water needs to be released into the River for White Water Rafting to take place in Kundalika
  • The water is released by the Govt. Authorities (Dam / Irrigation Dept. authorities) and not by agencies that run Rafting
  • There have been VERY RARE cases (say 5 days in a year) when water is not released from the dam by the authorities
  • Rafting agencies have no control over the release of water or the time of release of water into the river
  • So, when water is not released from the dam by the Govt. authorities, rafting cannot take place
  • Howsoever strange it may sound, advance notice of water not being released on a certain date / certain time is not given to us / rafting agencies
  • In such cases, we refund the amount that we have collected for Rafting. We unfortunately cannot refund you for the transport, stay charges or any charges other than rafting. If rafting has not taken place, please email your Bank details to us to initiate the refund process
    • Account name
    • Name of your Bank
    • Branch
    • Whether it’s a Saving account or Current Account
    • Account Number
    • RTGS/IFSC Code
    • OR
    • Send your Account Name and Postal Address and we will courier the same to you.
  • Irrespective of your payment mode to us, our refunds will be by Bank Transfer / Cheque only.
    No refund by Cash will be given
  • For that matter, we cannot compensate you the time that you have spent in coming here
  • Also, while water is generally released by 08:30 hrs, sometimes water is released much later by Govt. authorities. In that case, you need to wait (sometimes for an hour or hour and half or more) till water is released. Late release of water will not be deemed as a reasonable reason for demanding refund from us
  • Please do note that these are RARE cases (5 days in a year) but nonetheless remotely possible. We consider it as our professionally responsibility to make you aware of this possibility though as said such incidents have been far and few between since Rafting began in 2006
  • DO NOT even think of reaching later than 08:15 hrs. as water levels are ideal to raft only for 2-3 hours after water is released, after which the dam gates are closed...water levels are reduced and rafting becomes impossible again
  • Furthermore, if you reach late, no refunds or adjustments on a later day are possible