Location - Pune

Descriptive Directions

Pune – Chandani Chowk – Pirangut – Paud Village – Lake Residency Club / KARE Ayurvedic Resort (to your left) – Palse Village – Quick Bite (to your right) (take your tea, coffee, freshen-up break up here {please carry packed breakfast to save on time from Pune if you are on Day visit – rafting reporting time is at 0815 hrs} – Vinzai Devi (Tamhini) diversion {continue on the main road. Left turn takes you to Vinzai Devi Temple} – Nive Village – Dongarwadi (big water pipes to your left) – Garud Machi – Orchard Resort Café (to your right, clock tower to your left) – at Vile Phata continue straight (do not take left turn which goes to Mangaon) - look for Bank Of Maharashtra Branch to your left to convince yourself that you are on right track - Continue few meters and turn left at Vile Phata (you will see the boards of Resorts pointing left. Do not take right turn which goes to Village Vile) – Gold Konkan Valley Sector C 1,2,3) Route beyond this point will depend on the fact if you are driving your vehicle or you have a driver with you.

Self Driving

This route will take you to Parking Space. 
Continue on the main road – MIDC Water Treatment Plant (to your left) – Empower Camps (to your left) – Geeta Bag (to your right) – Sutarwadi Village. You are advised to park your vehicle near our office (Mercury Himalayan Exploration) here as it remains relatively safe in the village (though we don’t take guarantee of the same). 
You need to hire Six-Seaters here which will take you to Rafting Start Point. This drive takes around 20-25 minutes. Once you are through with Rafting, the same six-seater driver brings you back to your vehicle. 
End Point to your vehicle is a drive of 10-15 minutes.

Driver Driven

Look for railings to your right. You need to turn right (on the road that slopes downwards) - drive for few minutes till you see a bridge - just before the bridge, turn left. You will see unfinished / under construction structure and river Kundalika flowing behind it. This is your Rafting Start Point. Ask your driver to pick you at Rafting End Point. He would need to drive back and turn right for Sutarwadi Village.
Directions for your driver beyond this point are MIDC Water Treatment Plant (at his left) – Empower Camps (at his left) – Geeta Bag (to his right) – Sutarwadi Village. 
Here he will be guided by locals to Rafting End Point where he will pick you up.