Climate / Weather

Weather in the region around Kundalika is typically what you would expect in any typical destination in Konkan. High humidity is a constant in all the 12 months of the year.


Monsoon season is between June and September, and most of the annual precipitation occurs during this time. The South-West monsoons begin in June. July and August are typically the wettest months of the year. By September the rainfall weakens. Kundalika visitors prefer to Raft in Monsoons as the region is greener and the route is very scenic. Verdant valleys and the waterfalls in the region make the holiday experience a special one. It may not a great idea to visit the beaches in Monsoons but the season is ideal for adventure activities like Rafting, Kayaking, Zip Line, River Crossing, Waterfall Rappelling etc, all of which are conducted in this region.


In October, the region is dryer, sunnier and humid. The months following October are cool and dry, with mostly clear skies and pleasant breeze. Due to the tropical climate of the region, the temperatures during this time are only slightly lower than in other months. Average temperatures for the winter season are between 20 to 25 degrees Celcius. It can safely be said that Winter lasts till the begin of March. This season is good for those who hate the “heavy” rainfall associated with the region of Konkan. This season has all the positives of the Monsoons ie the valleys are lush green, seasonal waterfalls are still gushing (typically till November) and beaches, temples and forts (near Kolad) can be explored ie the season is ideal for explorers. Beaches of Alibaug, Kashid, Murud, Dive Agar and Harihareshwar are closer to Kundalika.


Its hot and humid in Summers. Temperatures vary between 32 to 40 degrees Celcius during these months. This season is ideal for those who believe that you need to be IN water to beat the heat. Rafting and other water based adventure activities is the perfect solution for souls harassed by the Summer Heat.